Possible for Forwarded call to show up original CID?

Quick question,

The company that I work for is a small enterprise business. After 5pm our calls are routed to a machine that transcribes a message, however the problem is that the number the machine gets is always our number being forwarded… Is there a way to make it when you forward a call it shows the original callers cid? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

it all depends. If your carrier that you use to redirect the call out on will allow it. Many will not as that is illegal in many states in the US and some telco’s are just not smart enough to figure out how to allow it.

so without knowing more details it might or might not be possible.

we use att as our phone company that’s who would be doing the redirect. I’m just wondering if there is a setting in the pbx console that you can change to block one cid but allow the other… did not know that it was illegal in most states.

Search for “Truth in Caller ID Act of 2007”. Quickly looking I’m now not 100% sure it’s a law yet but…

If ATT is doing the forwarding for you you need to ask them.

It is possible to take a incoming CID and make it the outgoing CID. If you goodle the FreePBX site there are are some examples. Each will be slightly different based on the Trunk provider and type. (Sip for example will be different then a PRI).

We are using SIP not pri and have already searched numerous things and not able to find what I need, could you provide a link if possible? Many thanks

Why would it have your Caller ID in the message ? Are you bouncing the call back out of the system to the machine ? Why not set the machine up on the PBX as an analogue extension, that way the Caller ID is preserved.

The other option, which might require some jiggery pokery, is to have the call go to voicemail, and then the voicemail system calls the transcibing machine. If you have Play CID and Play Envelope set to Yes, then the Caller ID, plus time/date will be transcribed as well.
It’ll still appear that it’s come from your system, but at least you’ll have the original callers number in the message.

As others have mentioned, it’s standard telecommunications law throughout the world to not allow Secondary Forwarding Number to be presented from a third party system - the law states you have to own/lease the number you present to the public, and this scenario would breach that.

In any business that has a PBX they can send what ever caller ID they feel the need to send.
The law states it is required of you to send the caller ID of the number that is calling and no other.
If what the above persons have stated were true that call forwarding with “Ma Bell” would not work as it does to day, and these companies would be looking to have criminal procedings a long time ago.

My providers I choose allow me to send the caller ID that I choose. I have made an agreement with them that I will never send a caller ID that is not in my control.
When I bridge a call for someone I would expect that caller ID to be of the person that is on the forward.

And this is why the rules in FreePBX work just like that. So for me “call forward” and “Follow me” sends the caller ID of the person that has called my line, this is expected behavior.

From what the original poster stated, the only way that FreePBX is configured is to always send the caller ID of the persons number that called when forwarding. It is up to the provider to honor what you send as a caller ID or not.

My two pense.

I think the matters are being over speculated here the scenario:

We are a technical service center. Our normal hours of operation are 8am to 5pm.

After hours our phones are sent to an ivr system. The system takes a message from the client sometimes they leave a number sometimes they do not. They ivr is not at our location but through another company.

A ticket is automatically submitted with the transcribed details of the call to our system autotask and that sends a message to whoever is on call that night. Now the problem is someone calls and doesnt leave the number the phone system picks up our number not the one that was forwarded to the machine so it looks like the call originated from us.

Same problem is with out hudlite… If I pick up a phone and transfer it to someone in my office, it looks like I am actually paging that person and not the actual number… It has to be a setting in the pbx some where or something is setup wrong…

hudlite has issues, and that one you need to ask over at trixbox/fonality. We stopped using it for many reasons, CID issues were just one.

Hi there, i have related problem with the caller ID. Somehow im using Verizon PRI channel.
When call forward unconditional activate to my cell phone, caller ID disappear. so i don’t know who is calling. Is there other solutions?


Talk to Verizon as they are the ones filtering or limiting the outgoing CID info. So that you know Most telco providers in the US will only allow you to send a CID of the block you own. As sending a CID that you don’t own is considered spoofing and illegal if used for those purposes like pretending you are bank, Phone scamming, etc…

So most now a days to keep from getting sued and fined by the Government restrict it that way.

will look forward to them