Possible bug with ring groups

i have a ring group that rings to my cell phone when someone calls that DID. basically a “call forward”, but i require confirmation, since i want messages to be left on asterisk’s voice messaging system.

With freepbx 2.3, the caller ID on my cell phone would give me the correct telephone number. Now, i get “Private Caller” on my cell phone. I’ve also forwarded the calls to another landline telephone, and i get the same thing.

Please advise

it should not have changed with the exception that is is passing the CIDNAME as well as the number where it used to only pass the number. We are looking at backing out that change as some providers do not like the name to be set and instead of ignoring it, they can ignore the CID all together or in some cases not complete the call. There was another forum thread or maybe bug ticket open about this with a patch that will remove that which you could try out as I suspect it is probably related to this issue. I’ll look into pulling that part of the code out or making an allowance to enable or disable it once I get a chance to talk with one of the other developers.

Makes sense. Thanks a lot.
And about the patch, if anyone has instructions, please let me know

As well, we have one outbound route where the 9 prefix is being used. On the ring group, when I input the destination to 91718xxxxxxx, it wont ring. On the CLI it either says “called sip/vitel-outbound” and nothing after that, or it would say that it is playing the “All circuits are busy” recording.

Is this a known issue?