Port Mirroring / Live Call Monitoring Solution


I work in a call center environment and am looking for a solution that will allow me to live monitor (listen) to phone calls. We are currently using Oreka to record phone calls via port mirroring. I am wondering if FreePBX (or something else) will allow me to live monitor phone calls in a similar way with port mirroring. I have been looking in to solutions such as FOP2, but have yet to figure out if they can be configured using port mirroring alone. The end goal is to give our clients remote access to listen to calls as they are taking place.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I apologize if I am way off in my though process.


Generally just dial 555, To customise, then just customise,

The complicated bit there is “where are the clients?”

If they are close to the PBX (as in, can connect via a local extension) then customizing feature code 555 would work fine. There are lots of other factors that can mess this up, though, and the performance of many of these solutions can give the “third party” a false sense of call quality.

FOP2 would work, but on your firewall you would have to a) forward port 4445 to your pbx and also b) allow access to internal url https://yourserverip/fop2/:443, only allowing traffic from your client’s IP addresses.
Not sure if b) is possible with your firewall, the whole thing could more easily accomplished with VPN.
If that is at all feasible to implement in your environment.