Port Management

Is there any issue changing the default ports on Port Management?

@cynjut originally setup my FreePBX system and we setup the ports as follows.

Admin : 8080/443
UCP : disabled/1443
HTTP Prov : 83/2443
Rest/GraphQL API : 85/3443
RESTful Phone Apps : 84/443
LetsEncrypt : 80/HTTP Only
Sangoma Phone Desktop Client: HTTPS Only/Disabled

What I am running into is trying to enable Sangoma Phone Desktop Client services, when I set port 6443 and apply it throws me an error of : “Port number: 3443 is conflicting with IOTBINDPORT(advanced settings)”

You should be able to change ports on any of the service to a custom port without any issue as long as you also make the corresponding change in your firewall if you have port forwarding enabled for the ports that you change.

And the port isn’t in use for something else, e.g. trying to set the port to 53 is unlikely to have a good outcome.

I am trying to also find out, what actual external Ports do I need to leave open on our border firewall for example I know a number can be kept closed as they are frankly not needed.

If you dons’t use iotserver, then uninstall it.

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