Port config

guys i am new to this just learning , when i set up free pbx with tollfreeforwarding , e.g : [email protected] , what does the 8888 define or what is that port

I believe that would be the extension number defined in FreePBX.

Assuming you’re configuring forwarding destination on provider’s web site, I suppose that would be the arbitrary number the incoming call will be addressed to.
You will probably need to configure the Inbound route to send the calls to appropriate extension in FreePBX. Potentially you can put the extension or ring group number there, as suggested earlier, but the 1st approach I mentioned will give you more flexibility.

thank you for replying i am quite new to this i used to work with elastix 2.4 but we have moved to centos 7 with FreePBX , i would appreciate if you can just show me sample on where to configure or just guide me in the right direction

Assuming tollfreeforwarding is sending calls to [email protected]_pbx_ip you will need to

  1. accept calls from tollfreeforwarding ip
  2. add an Inbound route with 8888 as a DID and appropriate extension as a Destination

worked thanks alot