Pop-ups for incoming calls

We’re using FreePBX 13 and the current version of iSymphony. The call center staff is used to pop-ups in their Windows system tray when an inbound call comes to the call center, as that’s what they had in the previous, proprietary system.

I’ve installed the iSymphony desk-top client, but I still haven’t found anything like this. I see that there are features in the desk-top client for opening a web page or Outlook on a call, but that dominates the desktop and so is much more intrusive than just a short-term pop-up balloon. Is there anything comparable to this in iSymphony or elsewhere in the FreePBX world?

Yep, Zulu:

doesn’t ucp do a popup as well?

FOP2 will give you a pop up.

OutCALL will also accomplish this along with basic Outlook integration. https://code.google.com/archive/p/outcall/

I appreciate all the suggestions. I’ll look into these further, to see which will work best for us.

Regarding bksales response, I looked for but couldn’t find any sort of pop-up facility in UCP. I Apparently I missed something. Firefox does ask if the website can send notifications, and I approve, but nothing ever shows up. Can you point me in the right direction?

something has changed. if i open ucp in chrome and go to settings, at the bottom of the list is a “use desktop” notifications. however if i open the same page in Edge, the use desktop notifications" does not appear.

and what is worse we no longer get the pop up notifications. i guess i have to report a bug

Are you thinking of webrtc?

i could have sworn that i used to get pop ups from ucp when i had an incoming call.