Poor voice quality, webserver timing out and slow GUI after upgrading to asterisk version

We had Asterisk 1.6 freepbx which was running without any problem untill we upgraded our asterisk version to We dont have any problem receiving and placing calls however our voice quality is poor. It breaks terribly when more than one person is on line. We have slow GUI which takes about 20-30 seconds to respond to a click.Server status on the GUI shows everything OK except for Webserver timing out often (Asterisk is running with built by root). I followed the following step for upgrade:

From a Linux command line, run:

yum shell

This enters the shell mode of yum. Once in the shell, enter the following.

remove asterisk16 asterisk16-core

install asterisk18-core asterisk18

ts solve

ts run

At this point, the package list will be calculated, and you should be presented with the option to finish the transaction. If everything looks correct, hit ‘Y’ and let it complete. You can then ‘exit’ the shell mode. Congratulations! You’ve just successfully installed Asterisk 1.8.

Please let me know if I have missed something or if this is not the right way to upgrade.


What is your processor utilization? Sounds like something is hung.

You can use top or install htop for an easier presentation of usage.

I dont see much on the CPU utilization. Its usually 0% however we have a phone backup that takes place every hour which utilizes 70-80% of CPU for about a minute or so, other than that its 0%.