Polycom VXX311 won't forget old programming

We’ve had several instances where Polycom VXX311 phones are remembering their old programming.

For example, we program a phone for a particular extension. Then later want to assign it to a new extension. Even after factory resetting the phone, it keeps coming up displaying the old extension. In addition, it changes the default reset password (normally 456) to something different so we have to use the MAC address to reset it.

I guess the phone system still has a record someplace that it’s pushing to the phone? Or is the phone itself remembering? (I don’t think this is the case since we’re resetting it.)

Not sure where to start on this one. Any help is appreciated. I’ll gladly provide any other info I missed here.

I would suspect DHCP option 66 or a ZTP setting. Less likely but still possible is custom firmware loaded on that does an automatic checkin to some provisioning server - you usually see this with larger providers like Verizon.

Is there a way to see if the MAC address is already assigned to another extension?

The phone itself is remembering it(I have no idea how), I have bought refurbished VVX phones that I’ve factory reset, and I still have to go in manually and remove the old line info from the previous user.

How do you do that?

Login to the phone using a web browser, then delete out any line info that remains.

Thank you!!

Well that was undoubtedly a good idea. Unfortunately, as soon as the phone reboots after a reset, it restores the old admin password. I don’t know what that is so I can’t login.

Come on, Polycom. This is a ridiculous arrangement. :rage:

If your using EPM, you need to change the MAC address under extension mapping. Or change it on the extension itself in FreePBX.

I’m not that familiar with Poly devices, but if after a factory reset it has to be getting a new config from somewhere, and it’s doing so during the boot process after the reset. Either the phone is getting provisioning details from the manufacturer’s config service, or there is a local dhcp option 66 string that’s causing it to provision from somewhere, or it’s even possible that this phone has a boot rom that locks it to a specific SIP service such that will always reprovision from there.

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Try factory reset and deny access to the Internet during the process. If the default password is intact, then try another reset with access to Internet. If the password changes to some unknown then you know provisioning is done from the “cloud” and the MAC is anchored to a provider. Maybe you can watch the process is Wireshark and find out who the provisioning IP address belongs to.

I hate Polycom phones for many reasons. Nothing personal.

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