Polycom VVX401 compatibility

Are Polycom VVX401 phones compatible with Freepbx? Can this model be added to EPM?

Yes. IIRC, there are already models that will let you install the phone in EPM.

No; at least, not without Polycom becoming a partner again. One of the Sangoma folks can speak to this definitively.

Not currently supported. Feature request here:

The move of the VVX’s to these new models was a hardware update not a configuration and software update. The VVX400/410 and the VVX401/411 use the exact same config setup. In fact the UC softwares runs on both the 400/410 and the 401/411 (same with the 5/6XX versions).

So the EPM templates for the 400/410 work just fine with the 401/411’s because nothing has changed outside of either bug fixes or new feature adds with the latest UC releases. Which means the biggest concern would be when would the EPM support the latest UC releases and the features they introduce? Since Polycom is not a certified partner with Sangoma the answer is probably “Not anytime soon”.

So if you’re looking for the EPM support new “features” you’re seeing in the 401/410’s it’s not because of the model number it’s because of the UC software and what that offers. If you want those feature then you’ll have to do what I did and customize the EPM templates to include those features.

Downside of this is that you will have to use Baseline Config editor and not a point/click, dropdown GUI interface.

cynjut - if Polycom is no longer a partner, does that mean EPM no longer works with Polycom VVX300, 400, etc.?

Thanks to all for your replies.

Supported devices are here:

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