Polycom vvx400 config file


I am trying to figure out wich config file the polycom will use. the one in the tftpboot folder 0000000_reg.cfg

or the config file in the phone itself

I have a dhcp server wich option 66 wich tell the phone where to pick up the config file in the pbx and it is working but if i change a setting in the phone config file via the web interface+notepad+import again and i reboot the phone, instead of loading the config file in the PBX it boot up with the config file inside the phone.

I need the phone to boot from the config file from the PBX at reboot.

My college had configured the BLF inside the config file of the phone but they lost them at re-provosioning after a reboot of our server.


A config imported through the web interface is treated as a web config by the phone, just like changing any of the settings through the web interface.

These changes are probably being written back to a override config file stored on the TFTP server (if they persist after a reboot), same as changes made through the phone menus.

Phone config has 1st priority, web config 2nd, and server config 3rd. So the web and/or phone config will need to be cleared to pick up changes from the files on TFTP. If you have some settings in the phone or web config you want to keep, you’ll need to be careful to only clear the ones you want.

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