Polycom VVX330

Hey guys, I am trying to get some polycom phones setup, i’m using the free version and I keep getting errors on the phone about “could not download .cfg using current settings” and “Error, application not present.” I made sure to allow the tftp passthrough on my pfsense box and put in the ip settings in the phones using the http option and having the dhcp setting set to static and not custom + opt 66.

If you have Boot Server set to Static, then whatever you put in Server Address should be accessed by the phone. If that is an http URI, then tftp should be irrelevant.

If this is an on-site PBX and the phones are on the same LAN subnet as the PBX, the pfsense box would not be in the provisioning path at all. Its only function is to issue an IP address to the phone.

If the above is not the case, please describe networking in detail.

In any case, with http provisioning, you should be able to access the config file from a web browser on the same subnet as the phone. Also, you could run tcpdump on the PBX to see whether provisioning requests are being received and how they are handled.

I was just doing everything I could think of to make sure it would connect, I cant get to the phones at all via ip and I dont think I am seeing anything in the astrisk logs

On the VVX, push the Home button, select Settings → Status → Network → TCP/IP.
You should see IPv4 Addr. You should be able to ping that address from the PBX, and access
https://<that IPv4 addr>
from your browser on the same subnet as the PBX (proceed past certificate error).

If not, describe networking setup.

I cannot reach them with the IP, we have a pfsense box providing internet to our internal network in a range, all switches are connect to the box and that is also what provides the DHCP service

Do I understand correctly that the PBX is connected via a switch to the pfsense box, but the phone, even though it’s on the same subnet, is connected via a different switch to a different port on the pfsense box, which is configured to filter traffic between those LAN ports?

For testing, can you connect a phone to the same switch as the PBX?

They are connected via the same main switch but connected to different switches past that, at the moment I cannot connect it directly since I don’t have another poe switch I can put with it. I dont know if it helps but I do have the phones all pointing to the pfsense box for dns

Maybe connect the PBX to the PC port on the phone (the phone essentially has a 3-port dumb switch, bridging the Internet port, the PC port and the phone’s internals).

I will try to do that but still have the issue with not having poe by the pbx at this moment, is there anything else I can look at while I try to figure that out?

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