Polycom VVX300 not booting with EPM

We’ve just utilized the new EPM on a fresh FreePBX install updated to 5.211.65-16.
the system is 4 polycom vvx300’s and a yealink w52P.
We downloaded and installed firmware, created templates, and mapped the extensions. Polycoms not booting
/var/log/messages show:
Aug 29 12:07:37 fat in.tftpd[14280]: RRQ from filename polycom/1/3111-46135-002.sip_318.ld
which we found interesting because in the .cfg they are configured to boot from polycom/0/sip.ld which doesn’t have the firmware required. the firmware required is located in polycom/1/ and there is no sip.ld in either 0 or 1 directory.
Any assistance/advice welcome.

once we set the firmware slot in the template the mac.cfg did change to use the correct folder. will update again after testing.

Phone still not online. Phone finds a couple files:
Aug 29 13:40:51 fat in.tftpd[19913]: RRQ from filename 0004f28c0d23.cfg
Aug 29 13:40:51 fat in.tftpd[19914]: RRQ from filename polycom/1/3111-46135-002.sip.ld
then never looks for anything else.

You have to tell the phone the IP address of the server. Change to TFTP type and to use IP address. When reboot the phone.
It’s a process to get the phone setup the 1st time.

the provisioning information in the phone is set to use tftp and is pointed at the ip address of the phone server. this seems to be an issue with the vvx300.
we pulled a polycom 320 off the shelf, configured it with the epm, set the phone to use tftp and pointed it at the boot server and it booted and loaded its config just fine.
i also know that if i manually set the user id, sip server and password in the phone it does register and can then make and receive calls.

about all i could dig out of the phone was the following lines out of the app.log

000105.476|cfg |*|00|Prov|Starting to update polycom/1/3111-46135-002.sip.ld
000105.579|app1 |4|00|DBS event contains a handle (0xcc2310) that’s invalid

but i have not figured out yet what it is trying to tell me.