Polycom VVX Firmware 1.06, 1.07 Question

I had to edit this post due to errors I made in some of the details.

In the process of switching over 3 working servers to a new platform I was setting up EPM on the new servers and noticed something in the Firmware that has me confused.

In my existing functioning servers I have all the VVX310 phones provisioned with Polycom 5.2.0 firmware and they were all provisioned from the EPM. When I check the EPM now I see 1.06 and 1.07 which reference Lync Only and Non-Lync respectively. When I compare 1.07 Non-Lync and 1.06 Lync Only the 1.07 has older firmware 4.18. Is there a reason why the Non-Lync doesn’t have the 5.2.0 I’m not exactly sure what to pick here and if you think the 5.2.0 has some problems.

Wondering if someone can shed light on this. I am trying to finish the deployments on these servers by Wed and not sure about this firmware issue. Thanks


Luke are you saying that 5.02 has been determined to be quirky by FreePBX and/or Schmooze? because it’s not only for Lync its for all SIP platforms:

I have been using 5.2 on the VVX/300 & 310 for about 5 months with know reported issues.

Really looking for a clear answer on this and I have already delayed our deployments but I’m running out of time. Would appreciate some advice.

Still no answers from anyone on this… as a reseller and someone that actively deploys FreePBX servers thats really frustrating.

I also have not had any issues with the Lync version. However, there are community members that have had some issues (cannot for the life of me remember what). So to be clear, I created the Lync version and the Non-Lync version. If you are not having issues, feel free to use the Lync version (as this is what Sangoma uses internally). If you experience problems, try the non-lync version.

Thanks very much for the clarification. I was uncomfortable not knowing a little more on this especially since I have about 55 phones deployed with 5.2 and were planning for 200 more next month, I also deployed some vvx310’s on Friday with no problems using 5.2 so I will continue to use the 5.2 Lync version and if I see any issues I will report accordingly. Thanks again.

Well I can definitely report a bug with that Polycom acknowledges. With installed you cannot use the phones web GUI to upgrade or downgrade the firmware using there Polycom Hosted Server. You need to either use a provisioning server like FreePBX or a manual FTP.

I was trying to upgrade to see if some PJSIP errors were resolved and a possible transferring issue as well.