Polycom VVX expansion modules


I just got in some new VVX color expansion modules. For the heck of I tried using the modules that are setup under the GUI that are labeled BEM-1, etc. Ive added some entries in there and nothing added in the config files.

Anything else I can check? I would not think code would need to be modified for the color modules as at the end of the day they are same thing just with more buttons.

Any ideals on this would be great.


I cannot get the vvx color expansion modules to work either. They go thru a quick blf lamp test but the screen stays black. i verified adequate power from my poe switch and the vvx400 its attached to is running a newer firmware
FreePBX 2.10.0

I was finally able to get this to work. You have to use firmware 4.1.6 for the module to work. Once that is done you have to manually create the directory/contacts xml. Once I did that it was good to go. FreePBX though won’t do the XML so it’s all manual :frowning:

thanks for the tip, i downgraded to 4.1.6, dumped a blank mac-directory.xml file in the tftpboot folder and the expansion module came up. one question though, what did you add the xml to make is show users and blf status?

i figured it out. needed to dump the ‘mac’-directory.xml file but had to add the following to the ‘mac’-phone.cfg file in the /overrides folder for each button.


I too have these expansion modules, 3 to be exact, and have the same issues provisioning them. As you are aware, each CEM (Color Expansion Module) has 28 buttons AND 3 screens, totaling 84 Buttons. I have 3 CEMs daisy-chained together, giving me 252 buttons. I am a call center with 200 stations, plus admin users, and I really DO NOT want to have to manually program in each one…

Would you mind elaborating on what exactly you did, step by step, to get these darn things working?

PS, according to my Polycom rep, there will be a “future” release of the firmware that will allow the web interface to program the CEMs. I am guessing once that is done, the folks here will be able to add it to the End Point Manager.