Polycom VVX and "Automata" BLF


I’m having some issues with Polycom VVX (600 in this case) and the BLF keys. My setup.

Freepbx 12
Parking Lot Orbit (70), Slots 71-78

On our attendant phone I have BLF’s pointing to [email protected], [email protected]X, etc. These are configured as “Automata” style. When the attendant is in a call they can simply press any of these buttons to park the call to the slot - this works really well. If the attendant tries to retrieve the call by pressing the button all that happens is the phone goes to the dial screen. According to polycom this should retrieve the call.

If I change the BLF’s to “normal” then I am able to retrieve calls fine (it just dials 71,72, etc) but I cannot do a blind transfer as I can when they are configured as Automata.

Can anyone shed some insight? I posted this in the polycom forum and they directed me back here!



Anyone have any idea?