Polycom VVX 300/310 EPM Restart

Does anyone know how to remote restart the Polycom VVX series?

They will only honor a restart if a config file has changed. Even then I notice they dont always reboot.

Thanks for the response… IMHO definitely a downside of using the Polycom

Due to new info provided by Polycom, Luke will be making a change for this next week :smile:

He may be making a change. We have not decided yet on this.

You can tell it in the XML config to reboot anytime it gets a resync command. This has been the case for years.


Thanks Mike… I’m trying to read and learn as quickly as possible but I’m really not sure exactly how to populate the fields properly to add this in the XML has this in it now. Just update EPM to the latest.

Thanks… should I be able to open the mac-features.cfg and actually see this entry voIpProt.SIP.specialEvent.checkSync.alwaysReboot after updating to

After the update how is this supposed to work because I still can’t reboot a VVX-310… maybe I am doing something wrong.

I don’t know but I can’t get this to work no matter how many times I try…

My apologies. I missed a line in basefiles. Fix is in being released later today.

I thought it was me :smile: Thanks

I can’t help you there, I’m afraid. We use an internal provisioning module
for our phones. But setting that value to 1 will cause it to reboot
whenever you do sip notify polycom-check-cfg xxxx.