Polycom - Valet Park Retrieval quit working with EPM Update

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Ok - I am trying to use Sangoma Connect and it told me I had to update EPM to have Connect work correctly - I was on 15.0.24.something (didn’t write it down) and it made me upgrade to - Now Valet-parking quit working - You can park the call when you press the spot BLF-XFER button (automata) but when you try and retrieve it, it acts like you are trying to dial out - WHY???

Polycom call park retrieve issues since 5.9.x
Support for Poly VVX phones
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EPM as a paid commercial module includes support. Open a ticket with details:

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Submitted ticket - Will post resolution here when I get one!

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Ok - No resolution from Tech Support so I had to figure it out myself.

The firmware you all have in EPM for the VVX’s does NOT work with Valet-Parking - Nor does the latest version of firmware from Polycom fix the problem either!

When I first deployed these phones, I used the firmware from EPM - currently 5.5.1. Parking does NOT work with this firmware and these phones. It will park the call, but pressing the button again just gives you a new call.

So then I tried to use the latest firmware from Polycom - 6.3.11465 for the 311/411 and for the 310/410 phones I had - it didn’t work either.

But I did have the phone I was using this past weekend to test when I posted this:

Endpoint Manager - Polycom - Valet Parking works with button type "automata" - Commercial Modules / Endpoint Manager - FreePBX Community Forums

So after exhausting myself looking for changes in the XML or programming, I looked at this phone to see what firmware it was using:


So I searched Polycom’s site and found this firmware as a download - Here is the page with the download:


and here is a link to the specific firmware:


Specifically, you need the Split .zip of the firmware here:


Once you have this firmware, you need to extract all the .sip.ld files and put them into /tftpboot/polycom/1 folder (overwrite what is there) if you are set up using the first firmware slot for Polycom - then when you provision the phones, they will pull the correct files and provision to a firmware where this actually works. You can also apply the firmware directly through the UI of the phone - just pick the one I specify above.

Sangoma, you should upgrade the firmware files to this version bundled with EPM otherwise it won’t work and Valet Park is a pretty standard feature now.

I don’t know which Firmware versions work with Polycom Valet-Parking, but this one does, and seems to work pretty well for everything else.

Finally, in researching this problem, I have come to the conclusion that Polycom doesn’t give a Rat’s A** about the Asterisk community in general, and FreePBX in particular! Googling around, you find post after post after post from people trying to make this simple thing work and not getting anywhere!

Here is the most galling part - it works with - it might work with other versions, but it doesn’t work anymore with the current Firmware on offer from Polycom - so they had it working at one point and they have dropped it - This, more than anything, tells you what they think about Asterisk - that they had the feature working and they broke it again because they do no regression testing against Asterisk (obviously).

Polycom Sucks - Use Sangoma, Digium, Yealink, Grandstream, Aastra or any other company that is actually committed to supporting Asterisk - Polycom doesn’t care at all! We shouldn’t care about using them

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