Polycom SoundPoint IP 450's --- Call Lists

So I am now running a new AWS FreePBX instance. Things are working great. One oddball thing came up that I am looking at now. Newer users have Yealink T29G’s, and the call lists display the caller phone number just fine. So that you can dial them back from the list itself.

When it comes to the older (more widely used) Polycom IP 450’s, the call lists display sip:[email protected] for each internal entry. So the user cannot just dial them back from the list. Here is a screen shot.

I have a provisioning server in place where I can roll out Polycom phone config changes pretty easily. If that’s the route that I need to take. Any quick suggestions for reformatting the call list entries on these phones?

Is the phone registering using the IP address?

I stumbled across it now. I think this config line should work.


Per this document → https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docId=c02952363&docLocale=en_US.

Will try in a sec and see how that goes.

Interesting. I’ve never had to do that with any of my 450s / 550s / 650s.

That config change didn’t work. And neither did this one.


Weird. It’s only the internal calls that display the URI dialing entries in the call lists.

If this isn’t doable on the Polycom config side, then I’m wondering what I would modify in the FreePBX’s extensions_custom.conf file. Assuming in a [from-internal-custom] section? The goal is for internal extension calls to only display the caller’s name and local extension number. Not the full SIP URI.

Here’s a log snippet from an internal call I made from my desk phone to one of the Polycom IP 450’s → [2021-12-14 12:53:58] VERBOSE[16758] netsock2.c: Using SIP RTP Audio TOS bits 18 - Pastebin.com. I just let the call ring a few times and rejected it. The CALLERID(number) and CALLERID(name) elements appear to be correct. This is a FreePBX 15 system, if that makes any difference.

Yeah, if it displays correctly on the Yealink then it’s most likely something on the Polycom. What’s the firmware version?

Looking at the phone over from me now I see these versions.

UC Software Version
BootROM Software Version

Update it to 4.0.15 or 4.1.1 and see if it behaves the same way.

I could only update this test phone’s firmware to through the web GUI. After doing so, the internal call to it displayed just the caller’s name and extension. But the call list still showed the SIP URI. When I tried to dial it back, the phone displayed the extension but just hung on dead air. Looking in the call list, the SIP URI was still being pulled. Ugh…

When we were on FreePBX 13 this wasn’t an issue. If there was some programmatic change I could make in the FreePBX config perhaps that could resolve this?

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