Polycom reg.x.lineKeys in PBX End Point Manager

I am wondering where/how I can set the number of line keys for a SIP registration on a Polycom phone in the End Point Configuration Manager.

Currently, I am getting the following in my config files:


This is in the _reg.cfg file.

If I look for this in /var/www/html/admin/modules/_ep_phone_modules/endpoint/polycom/spipm/{$mac}_reg.cfg, I get:


So the million dollar question is where is the $lineKeys variable set from the End Point Manager inside of the FreePBX web gui?

I have grep’ed the entire FreePBX root on my system for grep -i lineKeys, and I don’t find that being set anywhere.

Does that mean that this is something that we can’t currently set (except for manually), but maybe it will be implemented in the future?

I have seen the option in the End Point Advanced Settings to “Allow Duplicate Extensions”. And somewhere in a forum I recently saw that as a solution for wanting the same SIP line on multiple line appearances. But I thought that asterisk only allows 1 registration of a SIP extension at any given time. Wouldn’t this create a 2nd, causing problems (line appearance 2 registers causing line appearance 1 to become unregistered & vice versa)?

I really would appreciate some input on this.

Lastly, for some reason when I try to enable “Allow Duplicate Extensions”
& click “Update Globals”, the page reloads stating “Updated!”, however the “Allow Duplicate Extensions” check box is back to being unchecked. Strange. Maybe a permissions issue? The odd thing is that I was able to update the NMAP executable path in the same Advanced Setting screen, so I would think that it’s not a permissions issue.

Help would be appreciated. Of course I can edit the files (or even PHP sources) by hand to get the results I’m looking for. But if there is a better way to do it from the End Point Manager, I would prefer that, as it is MUCH easier for end-users, and level 1 techs.

In case there is any question, what I am wanting to accomplish is the ability to set the same SIP extension to multiple line appearances on a Polycom SoundPoint IP phone, in the easiest cleanest way.

FYI, I’m using:

AsteriskNOW 1.7 w/ asterisk16- from the AsteriskNOW stock repository.
FreePBX 2.9.0rc1.1

Endpoint I’m working on is a Polycom SoundPoint IP 331

What options should this drop down contain? The number of repeated lines?

The drop down “Display X Lines” does not do what you think it does.

Set different templates for your 550s from your 330s and 331s. You can do this inside endpoint manager.

I’ll be anxious to hear how it goes for you!

Hi Doug I’m having the same issue. I have been manually changing the line key setting in the polycom web browser to get both lines to register on my 330’s and 331’s. Im going to try your technique but I also have 550’s that will need to display 4 lines. I wonder how this setting will effect the 550’s when using endpoint manager. I will try and reply with results.

I changed per your instructions and have two lines on ip430 now.


Seems like a bug to me. Display X doesn’t appear to work correctly for Polycom templates. Aastra template defaults to 3 on display X drop down and aastra phones (9143i and 9757) seem to work fine.

You don’t understand what the display x lines does. Seems as though no one does so I’m going to remove it and rethink. It does not mean that’s how many lines are on the phone at all. It’s just a visual thing for something that only exists in the yealink and snom templates

OK. So I just looked at the Template functionality of the End Point Manager (“End Point Template Manager”). There is an option there for the Polycom phones that reads “Display X Lines” (where x is a dropdown with options “1” and “2”). Maybe this is it? But when I attempt to change that, option, it looks like it changes, but then when I come back to look at the template again, it’s still set at “1”. Maybe that’s not even the right setting, but I thought it would be worth a shot.

Otherwise, the template manager gives the option to modify the file:

This is where the lineKeys setting is actually coming from anyway. I modified that file in the template & change it from:




I then applied this template to my phone’s End Point Config in the End Point Manager, rebooted the phone, and it now has 2 line appearances for that SIP registration. So for the time being, I think this will work well for me. This is assuming that there are not some other repercussions for using this method that I’m unaware of.

Chime in if you know more about this than I do… :slight_smile:


Well, I have the same issue.
Moved reg.{$line}.lineKeys=“2” to another template.
Applied to mine SPIP331, set 2 different SIP accounts for lines. Btw now I understand this parameter better. At End Point Manager it is clear for which line aligned which account.
After reboot - nothing, still the same picture, 2 lines has one SIP account.

Where am I wrong?