Polycom provisioning server

Hi guys

Using FreePBX 12

We have bought 10 Polycom IP331

1 of them had a problem: the firmware had been wiped for some reason

All the other have been configured within 2 minutes using the Web GUI.

I have this 1 phone without a firmware which I couldn’t do anything with so I went on the Polycom forums and asked for help.

They said there’s absolutely no other way than to set up a provisioning server.

Researching around I ended up on this:

Option A : Buy a commercial module

No to sound cheap but the commercial module is actually more expensive than what we paid for that 1 phone that doesn’t work. So I’d like to avoid that.

Option B : Create a bunch of XML files with million of options I don’t know and don’t care about. I just don’t want to spend half a day creating a provisioning server for a single phone.

All my stuff is well configured with, and managed by FreePBX and I’d like to keep it that way.

To configure the Polycom IP331 phones (those that had a firmware) I did 3 things :

  1. Change language (for some reasons you can’t do that on the Web GUI)
  2. Configure NTP server
  3. Configure the “lines” with the extension number, the password and the FreePBX server address.

2 minutes and I’m done.

I just want to put a freakin’ firmware on one single IP331 phone.

What’s the easiest way to do that please?

I find the documentation is hardcore to find and the procedures seem to require some skills which i do not possess.

Please help!

You will need a TFTP server to flash the phone.

The open source end point manager will configure the phones. You will need to setup your DHCP server to send the correct boot parameters to the phones.

You shouldn’t need to make or alter any configuration/XML files to install the firmware. Unless I’m missing something, all you need is a TFTP server with the firmware. Set DHCP to point the phone to the server, or if given the option manually set it when the phone first boots.

It will automatically install the firmware, no XML needed. At least that was my experience upgrading a soundstation’s firmware.

These instructions may help: http://www.voipsupply.com/blog/voip-insider/how-to-upload-firmware-to-a-polycom-unit/

You will obviously need to get the firmware files from Polycom’s site rather the voipsupply. Other than that you should be able to follow set by step.

^ This. If you run into trouble, PM me; I have a bunch of this model phone and was responsible for our company getting into the 21st century :smile:

I also recommend a step down from the latest (I think that’s it); this version seems to have broken the WebUI “update firmware from Internet” option for us, which will remove the need for a provisioning server in the future :smile:

Also, update the bootloader through the provisioning server first, then after that you can update the firmware :smiley:

If you use the OSS end point manager


It will download the firmware and allow you to build configs too.

Overkill, I don’t think that downloading firmware from the the Internet will remove the need for a provisioning server. A provisioning server does more than just provide updated firmware.

I’m aware, I meant more for their deployment :slight_smile: I should have been more specific; removes the need for a provisioning server TO UPDATE FIRMWARE :smile:

Hey guys,

Thanks all for your reply.

In the light of your wisdom, I’ve decided to check out the OSS End Point Manage module.

This module has impressed me much!

In a few minutes I downloaded the firmware and “found” all my phones, configured them, etc.

All is configured, all phone are running latest firmware and everything has been tested and running!

The only two things I need to fix:

  1. I can’t make pfSense’s DHCP server to correctly inform the phones of the TFTP server location when they connect, but that’s a pfSense issue so I’ll be researching on that…

  2. On the OSS End Point manager :

A) I can’t find where to configure the phone language anywhere! I’d like my IP331 to have French display for the users.

B) I was watching this cool tutorial video:

And in the video they are using Polycom as an example and when they get to the device list, for each phone, they have a “Specific” button which allows more specitic configuration.

Using 2.11.7 Stable version of OSS PBX End Point Manager, I do not have this option.

My device list, in fact, is much different than the one show in the tutorial video.
At 17:26 you see a screen where there is a SPECIFIC column between TEMPLATE and EDIT.
I just don’t have this column. Any idea why?

I figured this might be where I can set the language :wink:

For each individual phone, on the phone’s web GUI, log in and go to Preferences > Additional Preferences; language is selectable there.

To provision this, use <lcl lcl.ml.lang="French_France"/>

Sorry for being such a n00b but where should I insert this?

This originally comes from the site.cfg file, but you should be able to put this in the phone overrides config in OSS. Otherwise the GUI might be your only easy option :smile:

The only phone override config I can manage to find is when editing the phones templates, which look like this:


Which file should I edit?

I’d try it in overrides/$mac-phone.cfg

If that doesn’t work then I have a few other ideas for you :smiley:

Well when I try to edit those files from the OSS End Point Manager WebUI, and click save, it will appear to save but if I reopen, all changes will have disappeared !

I’ll leave that alone for now I guess… everything else work and I just need to set the language on the phone (in the menu) so that’s not too bad.

Polycom offers Public Provisioning servers to reset a phone back to Manufacture Default.

One is located here:


Good luck!