Polycom phones rebooting and freezing

Hey guys I believe I found the root cause. With my provisioning system I am pushing firmwares > 3.3.5, I read that polycom at some point introduced a setting in the base files that promps the phone to check the server to see if there has been a change on the configs (voIpProt.SIP.specialEvent.checkSync.alwaysReboot=“1”) and if they are different then force a reboot to update the phone. I don’t know why some of them would not reboot all the way and get stuck on the splash screen. So my solution was to remove all mapped extensions, remove EPM, reinstall EPM, remap all extensions (6 hours of work) and not modify the firmware management, templates, basefiles or global settings in the EPM. Modifying any of those setting will create a discrepancy between the settings in the phone and the ones in the server. Now that I’m not messing around with the settings and that all phones have been re provisioned with the current settings in the server, non of the phones are rebooting anymore.

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