Polycom phones on freepbx 13.0.62

I have a few Polycom IP320 and 321 phones that work fine and registered through TFTP.
There are about a dozen that are either stuck in a reboot loop stating "image not compatible with phone"
Or one 320 that displays it’s MAC and IP only.
I’ve tried to create new templates that don’t have a firmware in the settings, doesn’t change anything.
Tried to download a newer firmware from Polycom and put it in another slot in a new template, nothing changes.

Can’t realy connect to the web interface of the phone as i either get a message that the page cannot be displayed or the phone reboots.


from the look of it, this guide might help you - http://bit.ly/1RPqG2s

register a trial account and follow the steps. Once done do a factory reset to the phones - http://prnt.sc/a2s0ov

your phones need to connect to the internet if you haven’t already configure it.

hope this fix your issue.