Polycom phone not registering

This is very strange problem. I have 5 sets of 335 phones at this locaton which has Verizon DSL. it has worked for 3 months. About 2 weeks ago it stopped registering. so what I did is:

  1. bring these phones to another locaton which has Cable service, and they worked without any setting changes. I thought that it might be router problem so I switched routers between the 2 sites, but location that uses verizon dsl will not work. .

  2. thinking the verizon might block sip. so I tried using softphone X-lite( also using sip) and it work.

I can’t figure out why this happen. It just does not make any sense. Can someone give me help?

We need much more info to assist you. How are the sites connected together? What version of FreePBX are you using?

both sites are not connected together. they are connected remotely to a single server located at third location. which is using Verizon Fios.
astrix 1.6
thank you

What about showing some log files

problem is I do not get any log file from these phone. it look like some device alone route have been filter out polycom phone registration request, form my DSL location to my server.

Exposing SIP to the outside world is a security risk.

With three phones I would setup a site to site VPN.

This will also allow you to properly provision the phones via tftp and the endpoint manager.

From the CLI do a tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full and while watching… reboot one of the phones. See if you get any telltale bits out of the log.

I will try it

nothing come out. like there is nothing happen.
when I try same setting with x-lite I get chan_sip.c: Peer ‘111’ is now Reachable

Clear the phone to factory defaults and make sure the provisioning fields do not point to any server.

Was this phone on a service providers network prior to you obtaining it?

If these same phones work from one remote site and not another, this sounds like a firewall issue. Do you have fail2ban, APF, or a hardware firewall at your server site? If so, ensure the IP you are unable to connect from is not being blocked.

did that about 20 times, and all the phone are purchase new in the box. and they are working before it got cut off.

all firewall was disabled. still did not work

i had an endpoint in Boise/server on west coast that worked fine up to about a week ago. Then it stopped. X-lite worked. Cable One denies doing anything. Still unsolved. Teh phone just stopped working. No explanation.

I will take SkykingOH’s advise, use VPN. I will post result.

Greetings to all,

I’m having a similar problem with my Polycom 331 phones not registering. I am running an Asterisk 1.7.1 server which I have upgraded the core to 1.8.7 to address the security issue with Asterisk.

I also installed the EndPoint Management module and selected the correct phone package to install. Everything installed without errors.

I enabled the tftp server, insured tftp was running and rebooted the phones and they are still not registering.

Can someone please shed some light on this subject. I have search and found nothing to fix this. Polycom can’t help since I’m not a partner.



This is kind of polycom and isp compability issure. I already ask polycom see link

and also called verizon several times, one of tech support convinced that could be problem from one of their route, but their engineer told me is not their problem.
I also try VPN it did not work at all.
I called verizon and switch from dynamic ip to static ip. once I activate it all the phones register almost right away. I got an extra dsl line instead of new line. because verizon tell me to swith for dynamic to static would take up to 60 days.

I forgot to tell you both my site’s ISP is verizon, and server site is verizon fios.

I think alone the routes from my phones to my server which are all verizon. there must have some kind of application layer filter on one of their gateway or router. that block out polycom.

hope this will help.