Polycom $mac-directory (local-directory) Upload

I’m trying to setup Polycom phones to upload their local-directory back to the server - to maintain those contacts on phone reboots, however, I’m running into an issue.

I’m using OSS Endpoint Manager. The issue is when I add $mac_directory.xml to the config files (mac.cfg), the file will be created with 665 permissions, so the phone cannot right back to the file if the user makes changes (which is the functionality I am looking for).

The workaround - provision the phone, then chmod the directory file to 777. Then go to the phone, edit the directory, and the directory file on the server is updated for that phone. Though this will work, it’s not ideal. Ideally, I’d like the file to be created with global write at provisioning. Without $mac-directory.xml, the phone will not upload changes to local-directory (probably looking to update an existing file and not create a new one if it doesn’t exist).

Is there any way to make OSS EPM to create a config file with specific permissions?