Polycom Kirk KWS300

Hi All,

Quick question.
Planning on purchasing Polycom Kirk KWS 300 to integrate with Free PBX.
I was wondering if anyone has any direct experience with this and if I can expect any pitfalls or caveats.

Currently running latest Distro and love it.


Works fine

Awesome - thanks for the reassurance

I don’t know what model that is, is that the DECT base stations with the controller? How many handset, base stations are you going to run? Are you using redundant controllers.

I was looking at the KWS300 (http://www.voipsupply.com/polycom-kws300) and Dect handsets (KIRK 4020 http://www.voipsupply.com/polycom-kirk-4020) Redundancy is probably something we will probably try to work in afterwards.
I dont suppose you’ve set it up in the past?

We have support clients that utilize these phones… Michael White and the folks over at e4 (long supporters of FreePBX) are also pretty knowledgeable about these systems, if you want to give them a call or chat online. http://8774e4voip.com/manufacturer/polycom/kirk

I appreciate it, I might give them a quick bell.