Polycom IP6000 phones and EPM

I already have bricked one phone and for the life of me I cannot get these to work. In EPM I did all the normal stuff, created a template etc… and the DHCP server is set properly for provisioning as the Sangoma phones work fine. I factory reset a IP6000 and it did grab its config, but only partly. It grabbed the SIP user information but not the the SIP server or the dialplan. So I turned on firmware update, now its in a reboot loop. I tried following the instructions from Polycom to update the firmware, horribly confusing, and removed the firmware from EPM, That bricked one phone, it now reads “no application” on boot and no matter what I do its stuck on that. The other just boots, gets to loading the config and then reboots. Anyone have any idea how to get these first on the latest firmware without bricking them, then get them on EPM, then actually get them to work?

I assume you are using TFTP for provisioning and EPM commercial module.

In Firmware Managment - Polycom, drag 1.11 to firmware slot 1 and click Use Upgrader Bootrom for looping phones. Click Submit and give it a bit to download everything.

Under your EPM polycom template, make sure Slot 1 is selected. Power cycle your phone and it should grab the firmware.

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