Polycom IP331 phone not ringing

I have installed Free PBX and got all my other phones working. The only problem i have left are the Polycom IP331 phones. The issues are:

  1. When someone calls one of these phones the phone does not ring. The display shows someone is calling and you can pick up the receiver and take the call.
  2. If I go into settings and try listen to the available ringtones the phone locks up and reboots.
  3. The phone locks up and then reboots if i press the volume up button to increase the ringing volume
  4. When i pick up the handset to place a call there is no dial tone.
  5. When i place a call i do not hear the phone ringing on the other end. It is completely silent until the other person picks up.
  6. I have conference bridging setup but i am not able to use it on this phone because when i get to where it needs a PIN number and i start pressing the buttons on the number pad nothing happens. This is not a problem on other types of phones we have.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

This sounds like a problem with the phone. Have you tried to factory reset it and reprogram it? How are you programming the phone? Are you using End Point Manager or programming it by hand from the phone GUI?

I did a factory reset and still have the same issue. I am using the end point manager to configure the phones.