PolyCom IP 331 Times Won't Update - Maybe Firewall?

As the subject states, I am having a hell of a time getting the clocks to not blink like a VCR.

When I disable the Responsive Firewalls OR set the phone network interface to trusted (exclude from firewall) And reboot the phone, the time is synced however once i revert the settings back to normal (enable responsive firewall and from Trusted => Local) and reboot the phone it goes back to some other time it remembers.

Is there a flow chart that shows where the phones get its time in FreePBX or what has priority on what is being pushed to the phones.

Also I am using OSS EPM

I assume you’re using the PBX as the time server for the phones. With responsive, the phone only has access to the SIP port(s) until it successfully registers. After it registers, the phone will have access to other services, but I’m honestly not sure if NTP is exposed to registered devices or not. I assume it is, so it sounds like your phones only sync with a time server on boot, before the phone registers and before it can access the NTP service. Prob easiest to not use your pbx as the NTP server on your remote devices.

Thank for your reply!

So yes I went to System Admin > Time Zone I can see the current Time running and accurate.

I did try in OSS-EPM for the global settings and always followed by a reboot but it never takes.

Tried ntpupdate, systemctl ntpd restart. Still no luck other than firewall.

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