Polycom IP 331 Messages button - Phone Destruction Imminent!


Pulling my hair out trying to get the $%(#$&%(#$&%&(#$ Polycom 331 to dial *97 from the Messages button on the phone itself, I’ve googled the $h1t out of it, and NOTHING I’m finding seems to work, I’m at the point of wanting to take this phone out in the street, and run over it with my truck! :rage:

I’ve read all the manuals I could find, it’s running SIP app

I’ve tried the following in the config file MACADDR_reg.cfg (Using OSS EPM Btw, not commercial one…)

<key key.SPIP331.10.function.prim=“Messages” />

I have Mwi working just fine, I can leave a message then the phone chirps, and I can use the softkey “Mgs” to retrieve the VM, but in the words of Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean, “That’s NOT good enough”, I MUST get this working, period.

The key I’m referring to that I am trying to remap, is the one that is also able to be the “Line 2” key on the right hand side of the 331.

PLEASE come to this phone’s rescue, before my :rage: gets the better of me, and I smash it to little tiny pieces, and have my neighbors looking at me like I’m insane. LOL

Thx in advance!