Polycom EPM Set SpeedDial Entries

In the Brand configuration in EPM for Polycom phones, you can choose between types: Line, BLF, BLF-XFER, Speeddial. However, I want to be able to specify these hardkeys to pull from the users’s own mac-directory.xml list instead of me hardcoding the entries here.

Now, I have a separate configuration of just plain old Asterisk (no FreePBX) as well, and in that configuration, the polycom phones use the non-statically-set hardkey lines as spots for the user’s buddy list/directory. Thus, in the mac.cfg file for the phone, I only set the lines I want. The others are automaticaly drawn from the user’s phone directory.

I want to do the same thing through EPM. How can I do that?

It should automatically. If a button is not programmed, it gets filled from the phones directory.

Mr. Herren - you are right. I neglected to create a directory and assumed I had to program something in EPM. Sorry for the noise, and thank you for answering.

It seems like the polycoms do fill the empty buttons from the speed dial list, but if I reboot the phone, the empty line keys are empty again - although the contact list is correct.

There are four line-keys on my Polycom 550.
The phone is assigned to use two of the lines as extensions in EPM; the other two are left empty so they would get filled with entries from the speed dial list.

I am having a problem where the Polycom phone loads it’s contact directory but does not fill the empty line keys with entries from the speed dial list (mac-directory.xml).

The contact list (speed dial list) is there in the phone’s menu - if I go to Menu > Features > Contact Directory, I can see all of the entries in the list. If the user edits the contact list, then the contacts immediately begin to show on the empty line keys. But when the phone is rebooted the line keys are empty again.

What can I do to fix this?

I made a post about it here in the Polycom forum. There, the administrator says basically that it is a firmware mismatch:

UCS 4.1.0 or UCS 4.1.1 for SoundPointIP or SoundStationIP is for usage with Microsoft LYNC only.

However, in EPM, I had firmware slot #1 filled with “firmware 1.06” which consisted of:
IP301 3.1.8
IP501 3.1.8
IP601 3.1.8
IP4000 3.1.8
IP320 3.3.5
IP330 3.3.5
IP321 4.1.0
IP331 4.1.0
IP335 4.1.0
IP430 3.2.7
IP450 4.1.0
IP550 4.1.0
IP560 4.1.0
IP650 4.1.0
IP670 4.0.7
IP5000 4.1.0
IP6000 4.0.7
IP7000 4.0.7
VV300 5.2.0
VVX310 5.2.0
VVX400 5.2.0
VVX410 5.2.0
VVX500 5.2.0
VVX600 5.2.0
VVX1500 5.2.0

Now, firmware 4.0.6 for my IP550 is in firmware 1.0.4 in EPM. It originally thought I was choosing the right firware for the slot because it listed IP550.
I’m going to put that in my secondary firmware slot and see if it helps. That firmware contains this:
IP320 3.3.5
IP330 3.3.5
IP321 4.0.6
IP331 4.0.6
IP335 4.0.6
IP430 3.2.7
IP450 4.0.6
IP550 4.0.6
IP560 4.0.6
IP650 4.0.6
IP670 4.0.6
IP5000 4.0.6
IP6000 4.0.6
IP7000 4.0.6
VV300 4.1.6
VVX310 4.1.6
VVX400 4.1.6
VVX410 4.1.6
VVX500 4.1.6
VVX600 4.1.6
VVX1500 4.0.6
VVXCamera 4.1.6

(The Polycom admin says the latest for IP550 is 4.0.7, but there is no option for it in EPM - the latest EPM gives for IP550 is 4.0.6)

This is the firmware table to show which models use which firmware.

That fixed the problem. After I downgraded the bootrom, the phone pulled its directory like it was supposed to.
In the end, I think it was a faux pas that FreePBX EPM put Polycom firmware UCS 4.1 in the firmware package for 1.6. It should have included Polycom firmware UCS 3.0.7 instead.