Polycom 601 phones randomly reboot

I was wondering if any forum members using Polycom 601 handsets are experiencing or have ever experienced the phones randomly rebooting during calls?

We are running the latest firmware which I think is version 3.1.8 on the phones.

I have FreePBX distro 1.812.210.57-1

It is a very odd problem. We can’t reproduce the problem but it seems to be happening more and more.

Where are you getting the power? Are they POE? If So, any chance the POE switch has a problem?

I’ve seen this scenario once or twice.


This was a problem with older 60x series firmware. You should try to update it.

The phones are PoE from either the Cisco 3548 switches or a Power Dsine PoE midspan. We have 5 different buildings on the campus all using Cisco PoE switches or non-PoE Cisco switches and the Dsine PoE midspans.

The phones are running the most recent firmware which is 3.1.8.

This problem was not happening until we upgraded this site from older Polycom firmware and and older version of FreePBX and Asterisk. We are currently rinning FreePBX distro 1.812.210.

We are having the same reboot problem at another site that is also running the same Polycom firmware and FreePBX/Asterisk version.