Polling with Appt Reminder, or Broadcast


We are trying to poll members of our association by phone. It’s a simple question, agree (press 1) disagree (press 2). I was told to use the broadcast module which works great, but we can’t record how many people press 1 or 2, even CDR doesn’t show.

Then I was told Appointment Reminder could do what I need so I bought it, but the initial greeting and instructions are causing me grief. I don’t want to announce appointment information after the person confirms, just play a thank you and hang up, because I’m not announcing an appointment.

Anyone try to do this with these modules?

I don’t believe you can disable the appointment section, Consider opening a feature request, or log into the portal and open a sales ticket asking for custom development, I can get you a quote.

I’ve put in a sales quote request for the custom work and eagerly await a reply. :slight_smile:

While I wait, I’m going to find and replace the voice prompts for appt confirmation with 1/2 second of dead air. See if I can kludge it for today.

Thanks for help,

Does anyone know where the recordings for instructions are located, or what they are called?


–Update-- Found Them