Polish operator FCN.pl


I am looking for settings for the Polish operator FCN.
Only outgoing calls work for me :frowning:
I do not see incoming connections in the logs, in the FCN panel I see busy and 401 error.

Anyone have settings?
TRUNKS sip setings Outgoing / Incoming


Sorry for my English

401 is not an error; it is a request for authentication.

It could simply be that you have configured to request the ITSP to authenticate itself, which will fail for most ITSPs, or it could be that the call is not being recognized as from the ITSP, and is being given 401 so as not to allow it to determine which accounts may be valid.

We would need to see source IP address and INVITE headers, know the channel driver in use, and see the configuration of the channel driver, to see why it was failing and suggest a valid configuration.

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