Pointers to docs for home setup

Well, I finally got my FXO card from China, so now I need to set things up. What I want is not a typical office PBX setup, but more like home phones.

So, we have 2 copper lines, one real CO, one a VOIP analog cable modem, and this is now working through an ancient analog PBX.

The simple stuff I want to set up is to have both copper lines ring all the PBX phones with distinctive ring to tell which line it is coming from. The phones have line select buttons, so I’d like to have them default to pick up line one, but you can select line 2 by pressing that button. (Nice to have it automatically pick up the ringing line if it is ringing, too.)

I don’t want automated attendant to pick up the calls unless nobody answers it after so many seconds.

So, the big difference here is we are only using FXO cards, no VOIP provider. I can’t find too much setup info on how to do this.

Now, where it gets a little more complicated is I want to have different attendant messages for the two lines.

Can anybody point me to documents that tell how to do these things? I’m a real noob at VOIP.



Use the DAHDI Configuration Tool to configure your FXO card, and assign them a DID. Then use inbound routes to match the DID and send it off to wherever you want.

OK, thanks. I did the DAHDI config, but not the rest. I will work on that - lots more reading needed before this makes sense.