POE SIP phone w/o lcd

Hi all
I’m looking for a SIP phone that doesn’t have a screen, something like Cisco spa301, but I need it to be POE
Any suggestions?

Can you explain “no display” That would probably be the hardest thing to find.

May have to go with something like: http://www.amazon.com/Planet-VIP-156PE-802-3af-Telephony-Adapter/dp/B00YV42ED2

with an analog phone

Cisco SPA 301
This is NOT POE, I’m looking for something like this, WITH POE…

that has a minimum order of 50… did give me the thought to google “hotel phone” which lead to the http://www.voipsupply.com/grandstream-gxp1105

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Use the 301 with a POE injector, possibly? Something like a D-Link DWL-P200 Power over Ethernet Power Injector

If you are open to another solution, I usually install Viking Emergency POTS phones (they can come with or without dial pads and do not have to have LCDs) using a DAHDI interface. I like the Synway interface, but Digium makes one that works as well.

Viking has several other solutions that might meet your needs, including several SIP solutions that don’t have LCDs and/or dial-pads.

Dirk, yes, this is what I need, do you have a link for somewhere in the USA?
Johnjces, it is a good idea, but I don’t have a phone to test it…

Turns out vtech make a load of them, should be a few in here that meet your needs, if you can tolerate the hotel specific functions


Well, if you like the 301, evidently, the 501g supports POE and doesn’t have a display. It looks like a display in the pictures but it’s a paper insert…

I don’t know anything about this phone, but I happened to see it.

VTEC has a line of non-display phones, and I believe they can meet your needs -