PM200 disconnecting when touched

Having an issue with one PM200 that is connected to a p330 phone.

The phone is working fine, but when the PM200 is used or touched at the bottom many times it triggers the unit to power off, and then run through the connecting phase. It does come back with the programmed extensions for the keys, and during these times the phone is still usable. I have already unscrewed and detached the PM200 making sure the connection is good with the usb port, and POE usage for the port does not show any real spikes or dips during these times.

Is anyone having a similar issue?


I’m not aware of other reports of this. Are you using the brackets to connect the sidecar to the phone, or are you relying only on the USB plug?

Hi Lorne,
I am using the bracket. This occurred a few months ago (same phone and sidecar) and I thought it was resolved after I removed the bracket and PM200 and reattached with the bracket. I tried to replicate the issue, and in normal use I could not get the pm200 to disconnect. It was just reported today saying it has been happening quite frequently with it occurring while I was on the phone. I tried to look at the logs but nothing stood out.

are there specific logs for when the pm200 gets removed or connected (provisioned) to a phone? and do these provide any information on whats happening?

Thank you

abuse extremely rough handling by receptionist was the issue. :rofl:

Solved not a hardware or software issue.