Plus sign in outbound


when using a softphone app on a mobile, contacts are often stored with +countrycode number.
When choosing a contact to call using the app, the +sign is forwarded to the PBX.
Is there a smart way to define the outbound route pattern and indicate “00” or “+” instead of duplicating any row.


This is what my outbound dial pattern looks like when there is a +

You can definitely avoid duplicating outbound route patterns by using wildcards in your pattern definition.

Instead of defining separate patterns for numbers with and without the “+”, you can use a pattern that matches both.

X.XXXXXXXXX  // This pattern will match any number starting with any digit (X) followed by 10 digits (XXXXXXXXX)

This pattern will match numbers that  start with any digit (X), followed by 10 digits (XXXXXXXXX). This will capture numbers with or without the "+" sign at the beginning.

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Danish Hafeez | QA  Assistant

thank you Danish.
your example was great and helped me understand the “.” usage.

Unless things have changed recently, “.” is only recognized at the end of a number. I think what may be happening is that the Xs after the “.” are being ignored. X should not match “+”.

The best way of handling this is to canonicalise the numbers, at the very start, but, as far as I know, that requires custom dialplan. It might also be possible to rewrite |the number, and loop back as a custom, I think, destination.

I removed the “Solution” mark and will check before…