Plug / Port Mismatch on Sangoma Card ***Solved***


Hello! I purchased a card on Ebay that was advertised as a Sangoma A200002DE 4FXO w/ A200 and Echo module. I installed it into my system and then found that my phone plug won’t fit in the port. Here is the picture of the back of the card. Do I need an adapter, or did I buy the wrong card?



I can’t be sure from your photo, but each of the four jacks should accept an rj11 plug. Normally, the telco provides an rj11 jack for each line. You use a cord with an rj11 plug on each end to go between the telco jack and the jack on your board. This is the same cord used to connect a traditional analog phone (or a cordless phone base) to a wall jack. If you are using all four lines, you’ll need four cords.

Possibly, these links will help:


Thank you so much for responding! The card will not receive the RJ11. I can put the connector of the cord from the phone base to the headset into it. It’s a bit smaller, but fits in nicely. OK to use that plug? My understanding is that the card I bought will only support one line per port (the center two slots) - is that correct?


That’s called an RJ9. It should work fine. The two center pins are used for the line and the other end of the cord should fit the telco jack with no problem. If you have have trouble, it should be possible to plug the RJ9 into the base of a phone and confirm that the line and cord are ok. Of course, you’ll need a second RJ9 cord to connect the phone handset to the base (unless it’s a base for cordless phone).


That sangoma card doesn’t use RJ11, it uses RJ9. The pinout is the same.


Thank you! It is up and running well!

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