Pls help Configure Cisco ip Phone 7912

I installed the freepbx software and i configure X-lite clients and those work fine.

But I have Cisco ip Phone 7912 that use H.323 protocol and i don’t know how to configure it.

Please help me.

you must first up grade the cisco firmware to sip for find firmware ware you can find in the cisco site
then you can use it

I don’t want to upgrade firmware, I saw that when add an extension you can chose device: other (custom) device, and I understand that this extension has to be chosen for H.323 protocol (my cisco ip phone), but I don’t know how to configure the extension and I don’t know how to config my Cisco ip Phone 7912.

Can somebody help me?

i have the same problem than you and i want to know if you have the answer.

Asterisk supports H323 as a Gateway not a Gatekeeper and to get full support of all the capabilities of Asterisk you should use SIP.
Depending on how Asterisk was installed you may not even have H323 support installed - you can tell by typing help ooh323 in the asterisk cli.

Unless you understand H323 you are likely to struggle getting H323 devices working.

I have released a patch which support OOH323, MGCP and Skinny extensions for FreePBX rather than using custom extensions although this has had limited testing and is broken in some situations due to an internal FreePBX sort order which will not be fixed in the current version (the workaround is to manually edit the file and change the order of the settings but you will need to do this each time you change or add any H323 extension.

Do you really do have a 7912 with H323 firmware or is it SCCP which is Cisco’s proprietry implementation - this is also supported by Asterisk using Skinny (presumably because SCCP is Cisco trademarked)

hi all
I want to add a new language to Freepbx
1- I am running 2.4.0 on Debian with asterisk
2- I added French and German language pack to my debian with useing dpkg-reconfigure locales
3- French language doesn’t work , and German words appears in some places , but most of the page is unchanged (and it is in english)
( it seems the new i18n isnot correct)
4- where do I get the latest i18n , and change for example German or French words to my language ?

Thank you

Kind Regards
Saber Khamooshi

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