Please make recommendation

Hello all!

I used Trixbox for a long long time along with aastra 480i phones. We did use the XML scripts and I remember everything running pretty smooth and phone setup was as easy as users logging in with there vmbox and vmpasword.

What works with the newest version of FreePBX like this? I just don’t think EPM works like above… We had directory listings, parking, ect. Can you please recommend new phones and/or packages to manage them?

The Aastra scripts are included in the FreePBX distro, a complete ISO like trixbox. They have not been changed much but still work as you remember.

I use the Aastra XML scripts with newer 6731i and 6757i phones with FreePBX and they work fine.


Thanks Lee and SkyKing! I didn’t know they worked on newer models as well! Awesome!

I am also using trixbox with Aastra XML scrips. Which current stable build and Asterisk verison, will work the best with the XML scripts?