Please insert a PBX disk 1 error during installing the freepbx rpm package

I tried to install freepbx iso in my VM but during installation process when it is trying to install freepbx rpm package it shows the error of please insert PBX disk 1. Why this is happen?

Your ISO is corrupt. When the installer is trying to read that RPM, it’s getting an IO error. Simply redownload the ISO.

Thank you. But, I wonder how this could be corrupted? Is this something to be correct manually? I think there may be a problem in kickstart configuration files?

Your download failed. Just download it again.

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To the OP: I am in the somewhat obsessive habit of verifying MD5 hashes on large downloads especially for OS installers. If you’re on Windows, a great free utility that I always install is HashCheck Shell Extension

On Mac/Linux one of these terminal commands should do the trick, no extra software to download:

openssl md5 FreePBX-10.13.66-5-x86_64-Full-1441992502.iso
md5 FreePBX-10.13.66-5-x86_64-Full-1441992502.iso