Please help me with registering Cisco phones on FreePBX

I really need some help with setting up a small network of cisco IP phones. I cannot get them to register. I have a SPA9000, a PC running FreeBPX and two cisco IP phones. A 7962 and a 8961. Both of them got their own IP addresses. I can access the 7962 online UI but there is nothing to configure. Just shows information. And I cannot access the 8961’s web UI at all, and yes I tried https://. The SPA9000 setup wizard does not see either phone. I’m a newbie, so this article (pbx DOT org/display/FOP/Cisco) didn’t help because I don’t understand how to accomplish almost all of the steps given in the article. I can see it wants me to update the phones firmware, but I don’t know what to download and then where to apply the changes with the firmware.

I just need these to be able to call each other. And I’ll hook up a trunk to make out going calls

So what am I missing, what do I need to do, and how do I do it?

It will take a week or two :wink:

I still don’t really understand what that is, and what to do with it

Is there a better phone to get? That is easier to configure? I saw that the SPA504G had a web UI that i could configure

Any of the Cisco SPA series are fine. Those are actual agnostic SIP phones and 100% SIP phones. The others are meant for Cisco’s call manager and their SIP stuff is funky.

Would you know how to work with Call manager express? Im in an academy provided by Cisco, and I think I can get CME.

I don’t do Cisco CM stuff so I’m not familiar at all.

Okay, thanks for your help though

You can use them with CHAN_SCCP_B.

Take a look at

Be advised that it will require some handwork, but it is definitely doable.

Do you know of any videos showing how to implement these to the phones? Im a newbie and have no idea what to do

I don’t about know about any videos. But you can try to go step by step and ask for questions if something is not working as expected. Even though cisco 7900 series phones are very good quality phones, they are definitely not the most easy to configure on anything else than Cisco Call Manager. If you are willing to take the time to learn, you will be very happy if you get them to work, which is doable. But if you are in a hurry to implement your FreePBX, and if your skillset is limited, you are better off with any other standard SIP phone. If you prefer cisco, then the 300 or 500 series. If you want zero configuration, go with the Sangoma phones that can be provisioned with EPM without the need to pay for the EPM license.
Or you can install the open source EPM, but you will have no official support. The open source EPM works OK too, with several brands: Grandstream, Yealink, Linksys/Cisco, Snom and some other ones that I don’t remember right now.

In short, if you are willing to take the time to learn and try and re-try, then give CHAN-SCCP-B and the Cisco 7900 phones a chance.
If you don’t want/can’t spend time learning and trying, go with the Sangoma phones.

You could also use your 79xx & 8961 Ciscos using the standard sip protocol, but you would have to patch Asterisk to get e.g. BLF working.
You just have to read the docu in the nz-link I provided above.
The two Ciscos you have, need the alternative SIP-firmware and they look up config files on a TFTP-server, which comes with freePBX …

We moved Chan-SCCP-B to GitHub a couple years ago. The old Sourceforge stuff should work, but all of the code there is old (if you can find it).

I wrote a step-by-step description of how to set up Chan-SCCP-B on FreePBX, and there’s a prettyy good GUI interface for it (not the one I wrote - that one’s crap). on GitHub as well.

Sorry for the typo @cynjut. I copied the old link by mistake

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