Please help for newby

I’m being messing with FreePbx for a few months. Still new. I thinking in deploy a Telephony services in my small town to provide Long distance calls to my clients. Clients (most with internet access)around here spend a lot of money on phone cards and I would like to provide a fixed DID of their  country, in that way they can make and receive unlimited calls. Can someone help me to figure it out what I really need to achieve this project?

I will provide the clients with Ip phone/ATA  devices and since they have broadband Internet access just need to setup phones to gain access to my PBX server.

Please Help.

Thanks in Advance


Mu favorite topic. Why not to do this and why nobody will help you.

1 - Have you reviewed the regulatory climate for the Country you are doing business in. In US you have to comply with FCC, CALEA and State Regulations. At a minimum Pro Forma registration and other “opt in” type agreements.

2 - FreePBX is not a carrier soft switch. It does not have a Registration Gateway, Charging Gateway, any type of clustering or scalability, security, provisioning, billing etc. Support.

3 - Have you really run the business plan. By the time you buy the servers and high quality connections (at least T1/E1 from two different carriers), firewalls, routers etc. It’s not an easy way to make money

4 - Staffing - This is the real expense. Customers expect excellent service on their phones

5 - Interconnect agreements. Most SIP carriers do not allow you to resell. Have you spoken with your downstream carriers about your plans.

6 - CALEA. What are your plans the first time your are handed a wire tap order? If you can’t comply fines run around 10,000 day + jail time

7 - 911. Have you review the costs?

8 - Directory Listing - Reviewed the costs

9 - Taxes, USF fees etc.

This is just the beginning. It’s a big deal to be a phone company.

BTW, I am the CTO of a regional ITSP/ISP that has been in continuous business under the same ownership since 1984 so I have some practical experience in this area.

For all the reasons I listed you can’t do that.

Even if you gave the service away you would still be responsible for some of the items I listed. You also need to have a very solid connection for reliable service.

The minute you collect a dime for connect a phone call you are subject to all the rules.

Is that complicated? Waao but I just gonna install ip phones, give them access to the pbx server and assing DID numbers to every phone so people can make calls.