Pleas Help its Urget

I want to create the following scenario on my FreePBX using graphic interface.

If 01234 is called a welcome messages is played.
IVR calls Ext. 1200

if lines are busy sound5.wav is played.

IRV tries to call again 1200

if lines are still busy then sound4.wav is played, and 1 should be pressed to leave a message.

When office is closed then sound2.wav is played – our office hours are 9.00am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Help will be appreciated alot I have been stack in this since couple of days?


This is the second “please help it is urget (sic)” message of the day. Messages without a meaningful subject are usually ignored.

You need to post a comprehensible message. Your message makes no sense.

Tell us what you want to do and what you have done to try and do it.