Playing recorded/uploaded sound

Please am a newbie to Linux and asterisk , i install asteriskNow 1.7.1 .
which have asterisk and FreePBX2.7.0.
Am trying to configure IVR ,but my uploaded sound/recordings could not play. While trying to play by pressing the speaker symbol on SYSTEM RECORDINGS, it gives me error:
"misssing plug-in"
"No compatible wav, mp3 or gsm format found to play:
.asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm-1.4.19 "

Pls what is the way out in order to complete my IVR settings.

This isn’t a programming problem. The problem is that you haven’t defined the file type in your computer so it doesn’t know what program to play the file with.

If you’ve installed Quicktime for example that would be the default player. If you define Windows Media Player to handle the file times then that acts as the player.

Since this is all handled via the browser it’s the browser plug-in that’s probably missing rather than the application that plays it.

Thanks , am accessing my server from another system which has Quicktime installed but i think it should also be install on the server. Please help with the command and link to download and install to server if need be.