Playing message on pickup

So I found out how to do that using code, but really would be awesome to understand how to do that via GUI.
So far, the question is how to place any audio file to caller (any external caller came over trunk), after he finished with IVR and on call-answer.

Basically a little scheme:

Caller (Mr.White) ----Calling—>(Company Phone Number)----->Greeting Message—>IVR----->on “press 1”—round-robin(12 extensions total)---->Extension101 Picked Up the Call------>Play audio to caller (smth like “Greetings. Mr.Green is going to answer your call, please standby”)---->Conversation---->Extensions101 Hangup the Call----->Play audio to caller (smth like “Thank you for choosing us”)---->Finish.

So if Extensions102 Picked Up the Call the audio file would be different, and so on, for every extension we need different file.

So, basically i can write the script to do that, but I need something easier, I think i may have missed some parameter somewhere.
So any ideas would be welcomed!
Thanks in advance!

Besides playing playing a custom audio, is everything doable from the GUI, you’ll also need VQ Plus to send callers to post hangup destination.

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“Like”, with emphasis on the solution.

Also wondering how to do this through GUI. Bump

I’m pretty sure “VQ Plus” is going to be your answer, just like it was in the thread.

Call Sangoma Sales and talk to them. If it doesn’t do what you need, there’s no way to do it through the GUI - it’s going to take custom context code. If you buy VQ plus, you can submit a Feature Request to extend that to make this happen in the GUI, and everyone wins.

BUmp on this as well

This was already answered.

If you have standard audios you want to play, then you can use the commercial module which let’s you do this from the gui.

But if you want different audios for each agent, you’ll need custom code…