Playback sounds in wideband g722

I just tested te latest beta version.

g722 works fine with my gigaset phone.
But if I playback a MOH mp3 file i get 8kHz sound.

Is it possible to playback sounds in g722 ?



Yes, convert your MP3 MOH to Signed Linear 16 and save with a name ending in .slin16

Sox should be able to do this at the command line if you upload your MP3 using SCP instead of through the music on hold interface in Freepbx so it stays in 16 bit format.

thx you, it works!

Do you know how to record in 16kHz?



If you mean recording 16 bit off a phone into system recordings?

Ive never tried.

I might give it a shot with a Polycom set to g.722 or siren14 and see what happens…

I have a small recording studio setup on my desk which I use for IVR recordings for my clients. Even in 8 bit, it still sounds better with a nice Sure SM58/SM59 dynamic mic with a pop screen on it so there’s no P’s and T’s and B’s that resonate during the recording.

If you really want great quality, and like the Asterisk voice, Allison Smith does custom recordings now and her rates are really reasonable. You might ask about wideband format since they use .WAV files.