Play streaming URL (aac)

I need your help with playing an AAC URL in the extension_custom.conf file.

If the media URL is in MP3 format, I can play it using the following method:

exten => _40491,1,NoOp(Radio Listening)
 same => n,Answer(10)  
 same => n,MP3Player(

Since most streaming services now use AAC, I would like to find a way to play AAC streams.
Just for example

P/S I don’t have any special purpose just want to provide some entertainment for my colleagues working the night time.

There is no support for AAC within Asterisk itself, it can not directly interact with AAC.

I found a 7 years old post and the method GitHub - matthewmgamble/app_ffmpeg: Asterisk application to handle playback using ffmpeg instead of mpg123

Just don’t know if it still applies and how to achieve it.