Play Recording message to inbound route and return to extension dialed?

So I have about 60 DID’s that route to an individual’s extension. I want to have call recording on inbound enabled but don’t trust my users to speak the notification words so I want to play a “Your call will be recorded for quality and training purposes” announcement and then complete the call. All DID’s tie the last 4 digits of the DID to the users extension.

Is there a way with dynamic routes or some other module to do this so that I don’t have to setup 60 announcements that say the same thing just to route back the the final user’s extension?

Thanks for any tips or tricks!!


Send all calls on those dids to a custom context that first plays that message and then goes to from-pstn

All currently supported versions of Asterisk allow you to specify recordings for both parties in the A option for Dial, so manually set the Dial options to include A. A(:RecordWarning) may work, although you might have to provide an announcement for the callee, before the :.

The advantage is that toll callers won’t get billed if the callee doesn’t answer. The disadvantage is that the callee’s time is taken up waiting for the announcement to complete (no worse than if they made, but more than if it was done early; they might be able to start preparing based on the caller ID, depending on the nature of the business).

Yes but that would also affect internal calls, transfers, etc.

Thanks for the thoughts guys. I switched to pbxact cloud over the summer so I couldn’t do a custom context. As Stewart1 mentioned David55’s solution was a little to broad,

I found a solution using Dynamic Routes. It’s still individually configured but it’s not a duplication of announcements which makes it a little easier to manage. I just setup the Asterisk Variable = [DID] and use that DID as the match variable to direct the destination for each DID properly. Single config with multiple outs based on inbound DID. Just what the doctor ordered!

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