Play recorded call via page group?

I may be overlooking something obvious but i am trying to find a solution to this problem. Long story short we have a emergency alert system that calls a dedicated DID on our phone system. I want to be able to take that call and page the message through the entire system. I tried just directing it to a page group, but that only gave us half the message as we had a custom tone set (instead of the normal beep). If i go with just the beep I get the full message, but using our tone the system answers the call before our tone is finished. I thought of recording the call and then playing that back automatically but maybe some of you guys will have a better idea, Thank you for your time

You can first record the announcement you want played through the paging devices
Then go to Modules>Paging & intercom>create a Page Group>Under the “Page Announcement” select the recording you just made
now when someone dials the page group extension number it will play the recording.

Thank you so much for your reply! I would use this tactic however the incoming message is dynamic. We get weather and local emergency alerts impacting our address and the message is different each time. Thats why I was thinking have the call come in to somehow record the message, then have that message broadcasted over the page group.

Just create multiple page groups
One device can be part of many page groups

Perhaps , if your phones can be set to listen to multicasts, send the alerts “outside of FreePBX/Asterisk” as such multicasts, use ffmpeg or such to do that.

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